To Be Defined

To Be Defined

A lot of the time my mind is racing as if  my journal is in my head. I am focusing on getting  my thoughts on paper more or in this case my blog.  For the last  30 minutes before midnight hit, I couldn't help but to keep  thinking about my brand, which is my future and the past that I am wanting to leave behind.  The hard part is leaving your past behind. Constantly thinking that yesterday's mistakes  have  to pay for today.  Unfortunately  in some cases we are reminded everyday and it does end up paying whether it's guilt, you going without, or you deciding to not give yourself a chance. Maybe something else you can think of ! 

I am on the journey of change and improving myself and anything different is uncomfortable and uneasy.  

I started giving myself  a chance once I  began self reflecting and understood more about what I wanted out of life. Figuring out where it all went wrong: the starting point, the midpoint, and where  I currently am. Analyze and address each situation with the best approach you see fit.  To be stuck in one place for me is to suffer.  It’s like being in a box all your life that you continuously grow in, getting less room to move and breathe in until you decide to step out of the box. Growth is inevitable whether big or small, & I am determined to see how big I can grow outside of the box and while I’m at it leave the past in the box.


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