My Life

My Life

   My healing started at the age of thirty-six, as my journey continues. I met a guy who saw something in me. I will never forget those words “you are beautiful, but there is something wrong with you.” He was right. 

I was raised in poverty.
I was sexually abused as a child.
I was not comfortable with who I was.
I was shy, timid, afraid and voiceless.
I felt alone at times.
I never knew the real meaning of love.
I just wanted to belong to something.
I wanted to commit suicide.
I always felt no one would understand my pain, behavior, angry outburst, nor me as a person.
I always asked myself why me?

  I started seeking one-on-one counseling to help me heal. I didn’t want to be this evil person any more, I started accepting the things I could not control as a child, however the things I can control is wanting better in life.  As my journey continues, my purpose in life is to not only help myself but to help others in the community that have walked in my shoes and feel hopeless at times. As stated before the purpose of this journey is to connect with the community to help each one of us grow, learn who we are as a person, accept trauma, we were not able to control, live in the moment, set yourself free from your inner self that still lives inside of us, and enjoy life to the fullest.


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