The journey begins

The journey begins

The beginning of starting your journey is knowing where you want to end. I was lost! Unsure but knew better. Better is what I always knew I wanted for myself and the journey became how do I get what I want ?                                       

Since I was a young girl I was always interested in crafts and fashion. I would scrapbook taking pictures of moments I’ll never get back, but the visual of it brings back the same feeling. I was gifted with many tools to explore the world of art from whichever direction I wanted to take it. 

As more events went on in my life I drifted away from my passion and what I felt truly made me happy. Craft. Allowing my mind to leave the world and explore the unknown and bring it into reality. Freedom. Without it I felt trapped for years mentally, inside, but on the outside always appeared to be doing just fine. But I broke. I can’t force these pieces to stick together anymore. 

Broke can be fixed. How can I do that ? Taking charge. Find the right pieces for my puzzle. I took accountability by self reflecting and understanding who I really am, what I want, and what my complete puzzle looks like. I have put together many pieces since then and the most valuable one is my brand L’prias Made. I want everyone to know that this is more than a clothing brand. It’s love, inspiration, and a representation of growth. We are what we allow ourselves to be. It’s nobody but you, in you, and with you, so always give the best you to yourself. Nobody deserves it more than you!




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